Ozier Coaching

Ozier Coaching is here to help you and your church improve its ministry and accelerate its growth


Workshops and seminars are fast-paced, interactive and engaging with lots of laughter, stories, and discussion.

Jim Ozier and Fiona Haworth are established motivational speakers and presenters for religious groups, civic organizations, and corporations.

Focus is on three key areas:

  • creating a culture of hospitality
  • improving pastoral transitions
  • moving plateaued churches to the next level of growth.

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Coaching with Pastors or Leaders is in an in-depth and personal format to help with the issues the church is facing. Think of us as outfitters and guides on your journey of church growth and renewal.

Chemistry between the coach and the person being coached is huge! If Jim or Fiona aren’t a “right fit” for you and your needs, they will eagerly refer you to another outstanding coach with whom they network. They are driven to meet your needs, not to push their agenda.

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Consulting is for those who are trying to improve or embed a new culture throughout their organization, including:

  • churches
  • judicatories
  • nonprofits
  • other corporate entities

The current culture is identified and assessed. Next, specific steps and techniques are recommended to initiate change. This includes change in leadership, transitions, and plateaus.

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“I absolutely love coming alongside pastors and churches to help them get clear on their culture, improve their hospitality, and accelerate their growth… even if they are going through a pastoral transition!”